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Why is KYS so special? Our site is designed as a kosher and modest online platform to give frum, Jewish singles an opportunity
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We are well aware that searching for your zivug can be an arduous journey at times. KYS hopes
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Uniquely different, KriasYamSuf not only extends membership to singles but to shadchanim as well. We believe that bringing singles and shadchanim under one roof will open infinite connections that can lead to unlimited dates
and shidduchim. Shadchanim can now discover many more singles, while singles can search for shadchanim in many locations.


We offer a super useful and special feature where you choose who views your profile: only shadchanim, singles, or all members. It's your decision to utilize KYS as a dating website, or as a useful tool to connect
to shadchanim, or both.