About KYS
Who is behind KYS ?
Good question! Although we prefer to stay anonymous to the general public, you can rest assured that we communicate with shadchanim, rabbanim, newspaper editors, and people who want to be actively involved in KYS.
Why was KYS started ?
Through our own past experience we understand the difficulties involved in finding one’s zivug. It is not simple to find the right shadchan, singles events, or to get set up with relevant dates. B’H, many single and shadchan groups are now available via social media sites, shuls and the like. Nonetheless, we felt something was lacking; a way for all these groups to network and connect with each other. Groups are limited to their members and may find it difficult to collaborate with each other. Sometimes their memberships overlap making it quite challenging for shadchanim or singles to be part of and stay updated with all these groups. We wondered if there was a way to join them all together. Over time the idea for KriasYamSuf was born; a single site with a large active database of both singles and shadchanim and an easy way to network between them.

Our goal is to simplify the connection and communication between shidduch groups by creating a kosher and modest online platform that brings frum singles and shadchanim together under one roof. Our hope is to create a one stop shop, so to speak, where frum singles can easily connect with many other singles, shadchanim and upcoming single events.
Who is KYS meant for?
KYS caters strictly to Orthodox Jews and does not have options for Reform, Conservative or Traditional clientele. KYS was created as a platform exclusively suitable for the frum community to network between singles and shadchanim as an invaluable service.
Why is KYS a modest platform ?
In order to be inclusive of all frum users from across the spectrum, we wanted to create a modest platform that would be suitable even for singles that would normally veer away from online dating sites. KYS has implemented several features that classify KYS as a modest platform and uniquely different than other dating sites.

1) ONLY FRUM: KYS only has categories for Orthodox Jews and not for Reform, Conservative or Traditional Jews.

2) SINGLE PHOTO: Members can only post a single photo of themselves which is cropped to a moderate size. Aside from removing the pressure of having to post several photos, it allows members to focus on the individual being viewed and not putting the emphasis on their photos.

3) PHOTO GUIDELINES: We have set modesty guidelines to ensure that all photos posted are appropriate. It is possible that some modern members may find KYS limiting due to its modesty guidelines, however notwithstanding the limitations, KYS can be a useful platform for all frum Jews.

4) AGE RANGE LIMITATION: Every member has limits to the ages they can view. The range increases for older members. Some singles may like to date “outside their age range”. We do not believe that there is anything wrong with this, but we do not want to promote it, especially when there are plenty of singles within one’s own age.

5) ENLARGE PHOTO BUTTON: When a male single views a female’s profile the large photo is initially blank. There is an option to view the photo by clicking the “enlarge photo” button. This feature exists to:

a) Emphasize that KYS is a serious marriage minded site. Members are not just flipping through pictures they may find attractive but are rather looking at photos that truly interest them.

b) Allow members who are extra careful of what they view on the internet to have the option of screening profiles easily without having to view large photos unless they are genuinely interested in a given member.
KYS’s other unique features.
1) Joining KYS is 100% free. Members have access to browsing singles and shadchanim, reading messages, sending messages, sending smiles, receiving notifications regarding single events and more.

2) Singles can choose who can view there profile: Only shadchanim, only age appropriate singles, or both. It is your decision to utilize KYS as a dating website, and / or as a useful tool to connect to shadchanim.

3) Shadchanim can browse and connect to both singles and other shadchanim. They can suggest matches to members on the site and even have the ability to send a KYS single’s profile to singles who are not members of KYS.

4) Members are able to view upcoming single events on the Events Page. Members have access to post upcoming single events they know about and after approval from the KYS administration they will be sent to the KYS members who requested events updates in their saved settings.

5) KYS deletes all non-active profiles. If a member has not logged into their account within 160 days their profile is automatically deleted. This ensures users that the profiles they are viewing are all relevant, and not old profiles lingering around.
Do any Rabbanim support you?
All new projects take time to develop. We hope over time i"yH to receive haskamos from well know rabbanim in support of KYS.
General Questions
Can I hide my profile while I search or browse ?
Currently KYS does not offer this feature. We feel that a visible viewer list will encourage communication and discourage random searching between members.
Why is everyone limited to a single photo?
As part of our vision to create a more modest platform, we limited each profile to a single photo. Members will feel less pressure to post several pictures of themselves and can focus more on the content of other members’ profiles aside from their photos. We wanted to keep things simple and modest.
Why are there strict guidelines for my photo ?
Understandably people have different standards. Our goal is to create a new type of platform that does not yet exist on the web. One that is also a comfortable setting for the more right leaning side of the frum spectrum, who tend to shy away from such sites. Therefore we have very set dress guidelines. The guidelines are not meant to box people, but to create this broad platform we envision. Notwithstanding the limitations, KYS can be a useful platform for more modern members as well.
Why can’t I see more ages on the search parameter?
Every member has limits to the ages they can view. The range increases for older members. This limitation was set to promote singles dating within their age range. Some singles may like to date “outside their age range”. We don’t believe that there is anything wrong with this, but we don’t want to promote it, especially when there are plenty of singles within one’s own age.
Will someone know if I favorite them ?
No. The favorite feature is meant to allow one to keep track of those profiles that are of most relevance. A member can send a smile to casually let another single member know they have noticed them.
Who has access to my personal information ?
Our site administrators are the only people who have access to your personal information. We want to assure you that your privacy is of TOP importance to us!

For Singles: You have the option of choosing if your phone numbers and email will be available to shadchanim. Note: Your name will ALWAYS be viewable to shadchanim.

For Shadchanim: All your personal information including your references and details from your two matches aside from their names will not be viewable to other members. You may opt to include your phone numbers or emails in your summary tab and details list.
Can I create a profile for my child ?
Yes, parents can create a profile for their child for shadchanim to view. They can also search for suitable shidduch ideas through the available age appropriate profiles and can have a KYS shadchan arrange the match.
Are the Shadchanim on KYS employees ?
No. Shadchanim participating in KYS work independently and are members just like singles. Though shadchanim are required to give over a lot more of their personal information they are not necessary properly screened and you should take precaution when contacting them just like any single on the site. See the “safety” link for more detail on how to stay safe.
Do I have to pay a shadchan on KYS if they participate in making my shidduch ?
One of the first questions you should ask when contacting a shadchan or when a shadchan has contacted you is whether they charge for their service, or for making a shidduch. KYS does not get involved in single to shadchan relationships but rather serves as a platform which allows people to connect.
Can Shadchanim suggest members to nonmembers ?
Yes. KYS has a special feature that allows shadchanim to suggest profiles to non-members as well. Consequently, the KYS database is not limited. Many different avenues and possibilities can blossom from our site!
If I'm a shadchan on another site or group can I still join KYS ?
Yes. Some shadchanim may be hesitant to join KYS since they are already members to another group or website. KYS welcomes all shadchanim regardless. We do not believe in competition and don't charge for our services. A shadchan who joins is not tied down to any obligation. Our goal is to broaden the horizon for both singles and shadchanim by creating more connections between them.