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Azarya Feig & Sara Goldman

Married: Posted:03/29/17
Connection from kind words
After dating through the regular channels a friend suggested I look online as a new source to find my Shidduch. With encouraging words he directed me towards this new channel and after some research I came across YamSuf and started using this service to find possible matches. I found this Shidduch website to be very helpful to view and search for girls in the location(s) I desired. They even allowed me to connect with Shadchanim who would inform me of girls they thought would be suitable. The best part was the website gave me the ability to find and connect with my wonderful spouse 200.2 miles away through the messaging option! We started off shmoozing and from there decided where to meet on our dates... and the rest... is.. HIStory! We hope many more couples will use this wonderful service and find each other this way and build a BNB! ;] (Bed 'N Breakfast)