Terms of Use

We ask you to carefully read the Terms of Service below before participating with KriasYamSuf.com. In becoming a Member of KriasYamSuf.com, you undertake to comply with these Terms of Use. If you do not accept these Terms of Use, you should not register with KriasYamSuf.com. Registration for KriasYamSuf.com, as well as any use of this website, implies full and complete acceptance of these Terms of Use by the Member.

Terms of Service

1. Eligibility.

  • a. To become a Member you must be at least Eighteen (18) years old.
  • b. You should not have been convicted of any offence, or subject to any court order, relating to assault, violence, sexual misconduct or harassment. You are advised that a breach of this clause constitutes a serious breach of this Agreement.
  • c. Other then Shadchanim, you represent and warrant that you are not married. If you are separated, but not yet legally divorced and given or received a Get, you may not request to use, register to use, or use the Singles Service.
  • d. Should you wish to sign up a friend or family member to our Services; you must have obtained the prior consent of this friend or family member in order for us to process their data and provide the Service to them via yourself.
  • e. By using this service, you represent and warrant that you have the right, authority and capacity to enter into this Agreement and to abide by all of the terms and conditions of this Agreement.

2. Terms.

  • This Agreement will remain in full force and effect while you use the service and/or are a member. Either you or KYS may terminate your membership at any time, for any reason, without explanation. KYS reserves the right but not the obligation to immediately suspend or terminate your access to the KriasYamSuf.com service, without notice at its sole discretion for any reason.

3. Membership.

  • a. At KYS.com; we put you the Member in control; therefore for the avoidance of all doubt it is your responsibility to decide which information to publish or send as Member Content. KYS.com cannot be held liable for any misuse thereof by any other user or third party.
  • b. You agree to provide true, accurate, current, and complete information about yourself on your profile and all other Content, as defined below, including but not limited to your contact information. You agree to maintain and update all information posted by you anywhere on KYS.com and to keep it true, current, and complete. If any information provided by you is untrue, inaccurate, noncurrent, or incomplete, KYS.com has the right but not the obligation to terminate your account and refuse any and all current or future use of KYS.com. Members are entitled to have one membership on KYS.com. KYS reserves the right but not the obligation to take all legal actions against any individual who attempts to have multiple memberships.

4. Member Content

  • a. KYS is not responsible for the use of any personal information that you disclose on KYS.com.
  • b. KYS reserves the right but not the obligation to monitor and subsequently delete any and all content, postings, messages, photos, and profiles, on KYS.com.
  • c. KYS is not responsible for any loss or damage resulting from anyone's reliance on opinions, advice, statements, offers, advertisements, other information or Content made available through or on KYS.com

5. Privacy Policy

  • a. KYS does not ensure the security or privacy of information that you provide through the Internet or your messages, and you release us from any and all liability in connection with the use of information by other parties.
  • b. KYS will not be held responsible for the use by others of any information which you provide to them. You should use caution in selecting the personal information you provide to others through KYS, and release us from any and all liability in connection with the use of such information.
  • c. KYS does not take any responsibility for the Content of any messages sent by other members, or profiles or other content posted on KYS, and you release us from any and all liability in connection with the contents of any communications you may receive from other members or users.
  • d. In no event will KYS be liable to you for any incidental, consequential, or indirect damages.
  • e. KYS will not be held responsible for any single or shadchan event posted on KYS or posted anywhere online through Social media or any other means. Member should take precaution and verify all events before attending any and all events. KYS will not be responsible for an incident that may occur do to a post or any actual event.

6. Limitations on Liability.

  • a. You acknowledge and accept that KYS cannot and does not ensure the privacy or personal security of any member as a consequence of any contact, meetings or encounters with any other individual through the KYS service. KYS does not perform any form of screening, background checks, or verification of any information provided by its members, and it is the responsibility of each member to take any steps deemed advisable to ensure their personal safety and security.
  • b. KYS will not be liable for any damages, direct, indirect, incidental and or consequential, arising out of the use of this service, including without limitation damages arising out of communicating and or meeting with other members of this service or introduced to you via this service, such damages include without limitation, physical damages, bodily injury and or emotional distress or discomfort.

7. Indemnity.

  • You agree to indemnify and hold KYS, its officers, directors, employees, volunteers, affiliates, agents and other partners and employees, harmless from any and all loss, liability, costs, expenses, claim or demand, including all attorneys' fees, made by you or any third party due to or arising out of use of the service in any manner, including but not limited to violation of this Agreement or any breach of your representations and warranties.

8. Conflicts.

  • You are solely responsible for your interactions with other KYS members or users. KYS reserves the right, but has no obligation, to monitor and investigate disputes between you and other members. If any form of dispute arises between members such as but not limited to a monetary dispute between a shadchan and single over the arrangement of a date, or a successful engagement or wedding. KYS does not enforce any form of money transfers and will not be held responsible or be required to be involved in any possible situation that may arise.

9. Disclaimers.

You acknowledge and accept that:
  • a. KYS is not responsible for any incorrect or inaccurate Content posted anywhere on the website including in correspondence between members and users, whether caused by members, users, or by any of the features and programming associated with or utilized in the service, nor for the conduct of any member on KYS whether online or off-line.
  • b. KYS does not guarantee delivery of mail nor does it guarantee a response from members contacted through its service.
  • c. Under no circumstances will KYS be responsible for any loss or damage resulting from anyone's use of the website or the service and or any Content posted on KYS.
  • d. The website and the service are provided "AS-IS". You agree that KYS takes no responsibility for any damages or possible situations that may arise.

10. Modification.

You acknowledge and accept that:
  • KYS reserves the right to modify any of the Terms of service and Privacy Policy in this agreement, at any time.

Entire Agreement

  • This Agreement and the pages on this website to which these terms refer, constitute a contract that governs the relationship between the Member and KYS.com.
  • If any of the provisions of these Terms of Use is declared void in application of a law, a regulation, or a final decision of a court having proper jurisdiction, all other provisions shall remain fully in effect. Furthermore, failure by a Party to take action in respect of the breach by the other Party of any provisions of these Terms of Use, shall not be interpreted as constituting a waiver by said first Party of the right to take action in future in respect of such a breach.